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From Peru to Europe: ancient know-how and modern nutrition, blended together in one oil.

In 2008, during the shooting of a film in Peru, Willy Costamoling got to know through a local femal shaman the oil of Sacha Inchi and its merits.
Surprised by the incredible benefits that this oil has on his health, he decides with his nephew Iwan to import this exceptional product still unknown in Europe.

This is why they create Altaselva, a company whose objective is to help modern man to introduce Sacha Inchi oil into his diet for a healthy lifestyle, and to alleviate the disadvantaged working conditions of the local populations. The initial difficulties in importing oil from Peru did not stop the two South Tyrolean entrepreneurs who, after much research, found in dr. Philippe Schmidt - who cultivates the Sacha Inchi in Laos - the ideal partner for their project.

Altaselva, with the constant presence on the territory of its partner, always guarantees high quality standards of the product, all in respect of the working conditions of the farmers. Currently over 1000 families participate in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the nuts.