Existing markets and target markets


Healthy nourishment, nature and responsibility for other people are the consumer trends of today.

The return to natural (healing) powers is omnipresent and can be seen in many different fields, from medicine to nourishment and body care. European consumers pay more and more attention to the ecological and social compatibility of products, in addition to quality. They are prepared to pay a suitable price to have this, even if this is much higher compared to the price of conventional products. Sacha Inchi oil meets the trend for innovation on today's market with its exceptional composition, and thus has the potential of becoming a coveted lifestyle product. Alta Selva S.r.l is located in the heart of the Alps, making Italy, Austria and Germany the priority markets in geographic terms for the distribution and sale of Sacha Inchi oil. It is hoped to open up further markets in other parts of Europe in the future.

Sacha Inchi Oil Alta Selva Market