A noble face

To keep the oil as fresh as possible, it is bottled directly after being pressed in Italy.

At the same time, this procedure ensures a longer shelf life, last but not least also thanks to the short transportation route. The newly designed packaging conveys the noble character of Sacha Inchi oil at first glance. The product is filled in 250ml bottles of light-proof glass as a single pack, and comes in a specially designed protective box. For wholesalers, a 6-bottle pack is also available with an additional protective outer package.

Sustainable crops - fully traceable for all.

Thanks to the fact that the Sacha Inchi nut originates in the uncontaminated Amazon Forest, which is proved by the Certificate of origin, it is grown far away from any human influence. By setting up the necessary resources and infrastructure, we have made it possible to check the quality and naturalness of the crops locally on a continuous basis. This control procedure is continued along the entire production chain thanks to the careful selection of competent, experienced partners.