Sales conditions

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1. Object
These general terms relate to the remote telematic purchase of products via the web on the website, owned by Altaselva Distributore Srl, with registered offices in Via Col Alt, 80 - 39033 - Corvara in Badia (BZ), Italian VAT number 02935750212. Said purchases are reserved to user Customers - "CUSTOMERS" - of any age and to collaborator clients - "DISTRIBUTORS" - over the age of 18. Each purchase operation will be governed by the provisions specified in Legislative Decree no.206/2005, and all that which relates to personal data confidentiality shall be governed by legislation according to Legislative Decree 30 June no.196 (Consolidated Act on data confidentiality).

2. Acceptance of general sale terms
By sending an electronic confirmation of their purchase order, the Customer unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe the general and payment terms described below during their relations with Altaselva s.r.l., and declares to have viewed and accepted all the instructions provided in accordance with the above-mentioned standards, whilst also acknowledging that Altaselva s.r.l. shall not be considered bound by other conditions unless previously agreed to in writing.

3. Customer obligations
The present sale terms must be examined online by Customers that visit the website, prior to making their purchase orders.

4. Purchase methods is a telematic website for the promotion and sale of food products. The Customer may only purchase products present on the website, in the same way as they are described in their relative information sheets. It remains implied that the image accompanying a product's information sheet may not perfectly represent its characteristics, but rather may differ in terms of its colour, size or other characteristics. Catalogue references (bottles or food products, even in multiple packages) shown on this website are generally available. In any case, sold-out products will eventually be replaced with an alternative product of a similar type and/or value. In the event the entire package is sold-out, we will contact you using the contact details provided to us at the time of the order. All the information supporting the purchase is to be considered simple and generic informative material, and not an indication of the actual characteristics of any single product. Products are purchased by the Customer at the price shown on the website at the time the order is confirmed, with the addition of any eventual transaction costs and transport costs specified and shown at the time of the purchase. Prior to confirming the purchase, the Customer will be shown a summary of the total cost in the event more than one product has been purchased, as well as the relative transport costs and eventual accessory costs. All product sale prices shown on the website are indicated in Euros and are inclusive of Italian VAT. Product prices shown on the website annul and replace previous prices. Once the purchase has been confirmed, upon the finalisation of the transaction the Customer will receive an email containing the order number, the relative overall amount charged and details for the same.

5. Payment
- Bank transfer
Payment for products purchased and relative consignment costs must be made by the Customer at the time the order confirmation is sent, via credit card or direct bank transfer. A bank transfer can also be made using a prepaid PayPal card, by accessing the user's Home banking area.

Payment via bank transfer must be made to:
Altaselva Distribuzione Srl
Banca Popolare - Fil. La Villa
IBAN: IT40 S 05856 58180 019571345509

The order number and name must be inserted as the causal.
It is also necessary to send an email notifying that payment has been made to the email address:, or alternatively a fax must be sent to no. +39 0471 83 65 58, with only the order number in the subject line and with the payment receipt attached. In the event the order number is not indicated, it will not be possible for the payment to be assigned to an order, and therefore it will not be possible to deliver the goods. After receipt of payment has been confirmed, we will immediately send the goods. The order will be processed only once all the goods in the purchase order are available. Therefore partial orders will not be sent.

6. Product delivery
Purchased products will be delivered by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl (or who on their behalf) to the delivery address provided by the Customer. Products will be delivered on all working days, with the absolute exclusion of public holidays. The delivery of products by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl cannot be split. The couriers used do not make prior notification phone calls and do not manage requests for delivery in special time slots. Indicatively speaking, without the existence of any obligation by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl and depending on the availability of products, and except in cases of force majeure, goods will be delivered to the courier within 72 hours from the first working day after the date on which payment for the order is received. Delivery times depend on the availability of the product and the delivery times of the carrier itself, express courier (delivery in Italy and Europe): 4/8 working days. Relative transport costs will be specified and displayed while the order is being finalised. Unless expressly indicated by our Customer Services, delivery is intended as street level. At the time of the delivery of goods by the courier, the Customer is required to check:

  • that the number of parcels delivered corresponds to the quantity shown in the transport document;
  • that the packaging is integral, not damaged, not wet or in any case altered, including closure materials (adhesive tape or metal straps).

Eventual damages to the packaging and/or product, or a lack of correspondence between the number of parcels and the information shown on the transport document must be immediately questioned by writing "WITH RESERVATION" on the courier's proof of delivery. Subsequently, the event must be notified to Altaselva Distribuzione Srl by sending an email to Once the courier document has been signed, the Customer may not make any further claims relative to the exterior characteristics of the delivery. Eventual problems relative to the integrity of products, the correspondence or completeness of products received, must be notified within 7 days from the delivery, by notifying the event to Altaselva Distribuzione Srl via email, using the email address For each order made, Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will issue an invoice/receipt for the material sent, and will forward it to the Customer via email, or make it available for download from the website, or will send it inside the package to the person who made the order. The information provided by the Customer at the time of the order will be used for the invoice/receipt. After the invoice/receipt has been issued, it will not be possible to make any changes to the same.

7. Right of withdrawal
Purchases made on the website are governed by current Italian law on sales by correspondence. - If the Customer is a consumer (or rather a physical person that has purchased the goods for reasons not linked to their professional activity, or rather the physical person makes a purchase without making any reference to their VAT number), then the Customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason, without needing to provide any explanation and without any penalty fees, notwithstanding that indicated in subsequent paragraph 7.1. In order to exercise said right, the Customer must send Altaselva Distribuzione Srl notification within 10 working days from the date the goods are received. Said notification must be sent via registered post with return receipt, addressed to Altaselva Distribuzione Srl Via Col Alt, 80 - 39033 - Corvara in Badia (BZ), attaching the completed and signed returns form, and a copy of the original invoice issued by the company. Once the above-mentioned withdrawal notification has been received, Customer Services will promptly provide the Customer with instructions on how to return the goods, which must be received by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl within 10 days from the authorisation.

7.1. Right of withdrawal terms
The right of withdrawal is nonetheless subject to the following terms:

  • the right is applied to the product purchased as a whole; it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal on only part of the purchased product;
  • the purchased good must be returned in its original packaging, complete in all of its parts; to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend you insert it into a second box; in all cases, labels or adhesive tape must not be directly attached to the original product packaging;
  • in accordance with the law, transport costs relative to returned goods are at the expense of the Customer and pay-on-delivery parcels will not be accepted; furthermore, delivery costs and any other eventual accessory costs indicated at the time the order was made will not be refunded to the Customer;
  • the consignment is the complete responsibility of the Customer until it arrives at the Altaselva Distribuzione Srl premises;
  • if goods are damaged during their transport, Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will notify the Customer of the event (within 5 working days from the date the goods are received in our warehouse), affording the Customer the possibility to promptly make a claim to the courier they have selected and to receive a refund for the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the product will be made available to the Customer, and at the same time the request for withdrawal will be cancelled;
  • Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will not be held responsible in any way for the damage or theft/disappearance of goods returned via uninsured consignments;
  • once the goods arrive in the warehouse, the products will be examined to assess any eventual damage or mishandling not attributable to their transport. In the event the parcel and/or original packaging proves to be ruined, Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will withhold a percentage of the refund owed, in any case not greater than 10% of the same, as payment for repair costs
  • In the event the Customer/ sales operator exercises the right to withdraw from the product sale and purchase agreement, the company will cancel the relative commissions that have matured.

Excluding any eventual repair costs for confirmed damages to the original packaging, Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will refund the Customer the amount already paid for the purchase of the goods, within 30 days from their return, by reversing the amount charged. In the latter case, in the event bank account details have not already been provided (IBAN), the Customer must promptly provide these in order to receive the refund.

7.2 The right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is completely nullified in the absence of the essential condition of integrity of goods (the package and/or its contents), in the event Altaselva Distribuzione Srl determines that:

  • the external packaging and/or original internal packaging is missing;
  • the product is damaged for reasons not attributable to its transport.

In the event the right of withdrawal is nullified, Altaselva Distribuzione Srl will return the purchased goods to the Customer, charging the Customer for consignment costs.

8. Warranties
All products sold by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl are covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty. Damages will not be owing by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl for any eventual delays in replacing products. In the event the application of the warranty involves the replacement of the product, the product must be returned by the Customer in its original packaging, complete in all of its parts (including packaging); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend it be inserted into a second box; in all cases, labels or adhesive tape must not be directly attached to the product's original packaging.

9. Privacy
Personal data provided by the Customer and which will be provided during the course of the relationship, is handled for the purpose of executing the obligations derived from the purchase and sale agreement of which the Customer is a part, as well as for the purpose of fulfilling obligations imposed by the law, regulations or European Community standards. In any case, for all that which relates to privacy and data collection, refer to the privacy section in the website:

10. Cancellation of orders by Altaselva Distribuzione Srl
Altaselva Distribuzione Srl reserves the right to cancel an order if the following circumstances arise:

  • Numerous items that due to problems cannot be delivered by the suppliers.

11. Competence and Jurisdiction
The purchase agreement between the Customer and Altaselva Distribuzione Srl is intended finalised in Italy and governed by Italian Law. Authority for the resolution of civil and criminal disputes deriving from the finalisation of the present remote purchase agreement, rests exclusively with the court of Bolzano.